Optimum health: The myth of calories in, calories out

Fitness expert Richelle Melde

Fitness expert Richelle Melde
(Photo courtesy of Hollye Schumacher Photography)


As our optimum health series continues, we talk about setting your metabolism.

Many of us believe that if we reduce our caloric intake and workout (burning more calories than we eat), then we lose weight. So, let say you want to lose one pound in one week. You would simply cut your calories by 3,500 that week and, bam, you lose a pound.

But, that’s not what happened. You didn’t lose one pound, instead you may have gained weight. And you’ve done this a million times, hoping that each time you will find success, but every time you just prove that this method is flawed.

There are two sides to metabolism: anabolic (building up) and catabolic (breaking down). When these two systems are in balance, you are healthy. But if you aren’t getting enough sleep and you are stressed and eating poorly, you have more breaking down than building up. You will not lose weight. However, when you eat clean and have restful sleep, your body becomes a building machine.

So what is the secret to optimizing your metabolism?

Food + stress + exercise + hormones + sleep + toxins

We’ll dig into each of these factors and more as our series continues.

Richelle Melde is the Fitness Expert for News Channel 12 EVB Live show (Phoenix, Ariz.) and has been seen on Fox, CBS, NBC and ABC, as well as in the AZ Republic and Business Journal. She has a B.S. in Psychology, Sociology and Women’s Studies and is a CHEK Practitioner and Holistic Life Coach.

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