How to flex your happiness muscle

woman smiling and laughingBY REBECCA PLATTER

I believe happiness is a conscious choice. People often get upset when I say this, angrily replying, “Why would I choose to be unhappy?” My response is “because it has become a habit”. Practicing consciously choosing a more positive perspective or choosing compassion over hatred is an everyday challenge. It is not always easy. Especially on the days when things happen that may be out of your control. Feeling tired, having a sore back or the many instances where life deals you some really crappy situations, it can feel impossible to see the silver lining, but choosing to try even at your lowest gives you the strength and hope that will bring you back to the center.

We have all had a stormy cloud moment at some point. It can completely absorb our lives if we let it. Sure things can be really bad at times, but ultimately our lives are all about perspective. The perspectives that we choose to adopt largely control the ways in which we see and interact with the world.  Let go, breathe, and embrace a life where you feel grateful for the little things and the people you love. If every day you can think of at least three things you are grateful for and really focus on them, it will be easier to focus on more things in the future. The idea isn’t original, but like healthy eating and exercise, it can be something that we put off until tomorrow.


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