Introducing chat: Meet and mingle online

Need help getting started in our chatrooms? It’s easy! Just login or register, pick your chatroom and connect with lesbians around the world!


1. First things first: Login or register.


This is over on the right side of the homepage.



2. Remember to adjust your status/settings before you get started.

Logged into Chat

I’m “available!”



3. Ready to get chatting? Dash on over to the bottom left corner of your browser window and pick your chatroom.

Pick your chat room

I picked “Right-brained lesbians” because I’m a right-brained lesbian. Anyone else?



4. Once you’re in the chatroom, say hello and make new friends!
Chat: Say hello!

187 Responses to “Introducing chat: Meet and mingle online”

  1. Sidney

    Hi everyone! Make sure to register on our main page ( and use the chat functions located on the bottom of your browser window so you can chat in real time with each other 🙂

  2. Prettier Than Pink

    I’m Pink, 29 from Philippines. I love to meet a beautiful lesbian, sexy or average, dress and act still like a woman, not so obvious and have a good personality. Someone who can take care of me and treat me like all women dream of how they wanted to be treated, I promise I will do the same..Someone who is sweet and romantic and love to make surprises. I love surprises a lot!!! Someone who is fun to be with, she can be my best friend, companion and partner in my life. Someone who wants to share her life with me, build a happy relationship and we will do things together and build a happy future.. I know its hard to find someone, but I do believe out of million people here in the world, there is someone like who are looking the same thing as I’m looking.

    If you think and feel you are the one I’m searching for, don’t hesitate to send me a message, or contact me, I will leave my personal information below.. I will wait for you.. I just feel an emptiness in my heart, feel a little bit alone in my life and all I need is someone who can make me feel in love again.. I miss to give be love and give back love in return..

    Contact me:

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  3. Tina

    Hi everyone!!! I wanna say hello to everyone! Aaaand… I’m looking for women who will change my world… If anyone want to talk, just add me or write me a message! Looking for your your responses 🙂

  4. Mandy

    Hi girls.I’m new here and I’m a Chinese.My friends and I want to establish a website about lesbian and gay. But you know,our country is very conservative and many people never open up to these people… so what can we do make the website successful?

  5. Morgayne

    Greetings from the Great NW! Fabulous weather here on the Olympic Peninsula. Just feeling friendly and social. Unusual for me…but here I am!

  6. Always A Island Lady

    Good Day To Everyone, Would Love To Online Connect At First For Great Conversations Then Possibly Find Someone To Hang Out With To Share A Terrific Time Together 🙂


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