Hands-on healing with eastern medicine

Lisa B. O'Shea

Photo by Axie Breen


After 15 years of study, Lisa B. O’Shea has attained the first-ever certification as a YMAA Qigong Master by acclaimed teacher, Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming. She is also the author of a new “Qigong for Women DVD,” released this month, passing on this ancient healing wisdom for modern women. (Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and YMAA.com, $29.95 SRP)

O’Shea began her career as a chemical engineer. A graduate of the prestigious Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, she worked at Kimberly-Clark and Mobil Chemical for several years. Then, when she became a single mother, she didn’t want the heavy travel schedule her job demanded and went back to school to earn a teaching credential with the intention of teaching high school chemistry and physics. In the meantime, she sought out tai chi and qigong classes to deal with stress. O’Shea fully embraced Eastern healing traditions when her severe asthma symptoms disappeared, about six months after she began her qigong practice.

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