Transgender man sues university for discrimination

Trans* flag in the Castro/SF

Photo credit: Jay Barman/SFist

Huffington Post Gay Voices

A transgender San Francisco man is suing his former school, alleging he was mistreated after disclosing his sex-reassignment. Kellen Bennett filed a lawsuit against Alliant International University’s California School of Professional Psychology last year. The lawsuit alleges workplace discrimination and failure to promote. Bennett has been living as a man since undergoing sex-reassignment surgery 13 years ago.

Bennet began pursuing a Ph.D. in clinical psychology at the¬†Alliant International University in San Francisco¬†in August 2006. Throughout his studies, Bennet earned good grades and received positive recommendations. However, after telling his classmates he is transgender in October 2011, the content of Bennett’s reviews reportedly shifted. According to Bennett, his feedback was negative and he lost the postdoctoral internship he had been offered. He alleges a faculty member used the word “tranny” in his presence, according to the lawsuit.

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