Even margarine can be anti-gay: Controversial ad campaign under fire

Anti Gay Flora Margarine Ad

Zooming in on the bullet reveals the words “Uhh Dad I’m Gay.” In the lower right corner, the ad states, “You need a strong heart today.”

Huffington Post Gay Voices

Anglo-Dutch firm Unilever has come under fire after an advertisement for South Africa-based Flora margarine (owned by Unilever) appears to equate having a child come out as gay with being shot in the heart. The advertisement, reportedly made by an agency in Johannesburg, depicts a bullet with the words “Uhh Dad I’m Gay” propelled at a heart made of china, with the phrase “You Need A Strong Heart Today” as the tagline.

The advertisement is particularly shocking given that Unilever owns Ben & Jerry’s, a company widely known to support marriage equality and rights for LGBT individuals. Unilever also, while not apologizing, recognized the inappropriate nature of the advertisement via the company’s Twitter.

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