Lesbian parents featured in new Disney PSA


Disney’s Make Your Mark Campaign, which according to GLAAD aims to encourage children to make positive change in the world, recently aired a spot in which 14-year-old filmmaker Ben uses his creativity to join the fight against bullying. Ben’s message is to empower victims, which include himself and his friends, to have courage and seek the help of an adult if they need. However, his aim has been overlooked by some because of a certain detail of Ben’s life mentioned in the video — the fact that Ben has two moms.

Right wing media source NewsBusters, a Media Research Center project, has latched on to the fact that Ben has lesbian parents. Tim Graham, Director of Media Analysis at the Media Research Center, a company that proclaims itself “Leader in Documenting, Exposing and Neutralizing Liberal Media Bias,” has written a piece against the PSA, focusing on a blog article by Ed Kennedy for AfterElton.com, stating: “…the gays are thrilled by the channel’s ad campaign ‘Make Your Mark’ for featuring a 14-year-old named Ben, an aspiring filmmaker who made a film against bullying and ‘happens to have two moms.’”

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