‘Real-Life Love Stories’ #2: It started with softball

This is the second instalment of Lesbian.com’s Valentine’s Love Special, Real-Life Love Stories! Every week, we will be posting love stories submitted by our readers. Want to share your story? 

Meet and Annie and Melanie of Rhode Island, and their friends Robyn and Tracey, who all found love by twists of lesbian fate!

lesbian couples

Melanie, Annie (far left) with their friends Robyn and Tracey: Two happy couples!

We met through our ex girlfriends! We were both at the softball field to watch our then-girlfriends play. I know, I know, it’s scandalous! Do I wish our then-girlfriends weren’t hurt by our getting together? Absolutely, but you can’t fight destiny. I was the one who ended up with a home run when fate stepped in and I met Melanie. This year marks 12 years we have been together, and five since we have been married.

It is funny how destiny always has a plan. As things were developing with Melanie and me, her then-girlfriend Robyn was developing feelings for Tracey, a girl she met at work. Fast forward 12 years and they are also still a couple: married with two babies who just turned four. Robyn and Tracey’s anniversary date is just 5 days after ours so for the past several years, we have all celebrated our anniversaries by going out to dinner together. Once a month, we get together for dinner or to play pool or to just hang out… As the Lesbian World Turns! The four of us are pretty proud of our unique friendship and laugh about it all the time.

Melanie has and always will be my true companion. She is definitely a catch!

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