‘Real-Life Love Stories’ #1: Girl walks into bar…

Welcome to the first instalment of Lesbian.com’s sweet little Valentine’s Love Special, Real-Life Love Stories! Every week, we will be posting love stories submitted by our readers. Want to tell your story to the world?

Our first gorgeous couple are Bec and D, from upstate New York. D is smitten by her red-headed lady and could barely wait to share their story. Talk about love!


Meet New York’s Bec, left, and D, sailing on the Hudson River

Girl walks into my bar, end of story.

Once upon a time, a beautiful red head dressed to the nines walked into my restaurant.  I stepped out of my kitchen and glanced down the bar. My heart began to race. I quickly retreated to the safe haven of the kitchen, where I dropped a few comments to my line cook of how, well, you know. Then I put on my game face and went out to “get a drink of water.”  At this point, I wasn’t sure if she even played for my team, and technically, I was benched. These were just a few minor set backs. We began to chat and immediately I was in awe. She had crazy beautiful blue grey eyes, a gorgeous smile and was radiating confidence and intelligence.

During our conversation that night, she dropped the hint that she was available. I spent the next few months waiting for her return. Even though I shouldn’t have, I just could not stop thinking about her.  Finally she stepped back into my restaurant, at which point I had the good sense to get her name and number. We began spending time together, and each time it became more evident that we were meant to be in each other’s lives.

Here we are, more than a year has passed, and it just keeps getting better everyday. I’m happier and more alive then I have been in years and, next April this girl from the bar is going to be my beautiful wife!

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