‘Real-Life Love Stories’: The grand finale

This is the final instalment of our February love special, Real-Life Love Stories. In March we will be featuring LGBTQ women and our allies who are changing the world. Have a suggestion or submission? Contact us.

Filmmaker Gabrielle Lindau and her fiancée, illustrator Emily Bowers, share a story of love blooming from friendship into a deeply committed union.

Gabrielle and Emily Instagram

An artsy shot of Gabrielle and Emily.

It was early spring when my friend Alana Landa texted me one afternoon from Miami. Alana had recently interviewed me for Chick’tellectual Magazine. She had a friend named Emily Bowers who she thought I would get along great with. Alana insisted that Emily and I had a lot in common even if nothing romantic developed out of the relationship. We decided to give each other a chance and began a friendship over the phone and through social networks. It wasn’t until one year later that both of our lives would put us even closer together. We found ourselves living not far from one another and we began spending much time together as friends.

It was on one hot summer night that everything shifted for us. We had spent this night laughing over drinks and listening to music at a local wine bar. We realized that even before our relationship turned intimate we had already begun falling in love with each other. Our friendship started to blossom into a beautiful, loving, creative, intimate relationship. By the end of the summer we decided to fully commit to one another and became engaged.

There are so many things we love about one another. Everyday we fall more and more in love. Our creative sides are both a turn on and an intellectual stimulation for our relationship. We both love our beach days and reading to one another. We also both adore our black and tan King Charles Cavalier, Willa. The three of us go on outdoor adventures together and snuggle up late at night to watch movies.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Gabrielle and Emily’s adorable dog, Willa.

We both knew we were the girls for each other when one day I asked Emily to run away with me. She said “Isn’t that what’s already happening?” Together we are one.

Gabrielle and Emily are working on a cookbook project together called “It Tastes Like Chicken.” Lesbian.com recently featured the project in our interview with Gabrielle.

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