Femme problems: Meeting offline for the first time

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Would you take her into a lesbian bar on your first date?

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It’s hard out there for a single femme, which is probably why studies show that online dating activity soars over 300% after the holidays. While I most certainly am far from feeling lonely this holiday season, I will always appreciate the days where online dating was almost a hobby of mine. Every time my ex and I broke up, there I was, lying on the bed, phone in hand, bitterly prowling profiles of women I dreamt would treat me way better. Over time, I learned how to dress for, how to escape from, and how to maneuver through the first offline meet up.

For me, happy hour is by far the best and lowest stakes place to set the first date. With cheap drink specials and an inviting social atmosphere, the happy hour meet up occurs at a time that, if the date ends up being a total bust, I still have the rest of my night to recoup and recover. After an awkward, uncomfortable or downright disturbing encounter, I simply spew out some work-related project as an excuse, and make an early exit. Having both an extension activity as well as an early exit tactic is essential to managing the unexpected and unforeseeable circumstances surrounding the first meet up.  I almost always opt for the Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday hang outs, where there’s the possibility of extending the date.

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