Resolve to evolve: New Year’s resolutions

new years resolutionsBY SARAH TEREZ ROSENBLUM

I’ve come to think of my newfound ability to discard what doesn’t serve me as a mental paradigm shift. I’m choosing to believe in abundance. My neural paths are well-trodden though, so like most important choices, I’ll have to make this one again and again. Not just at New Year’s, but all year long.

  1. Here’s a list of other ways I’ve resolved to evolve.
  2. Choose vulnerability.
  3. Don’t keep score.
  4. Don’t scoff at self-care.
  5. Ask for what I need.
  6. Give friends the benefit of the doubt.
  7. Set boundaries.
  8. Know that it’s rarely about me.
  9. Practice tolerating discomfort.
  10. Trust my intuition.
  11. Don’t fear the future.


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