Why my domestic partnership just isn’t enough

Lisa Dazols and Jenni ChangBY LISA DAZOLS

I’ve been calling Jenni my partner now for a year and a half. Somewhere around the time I decided to quit my job and leave it all behind to travel with her, I shifted the label from “girlfriend” to “partner.” After all once we stepped foot out of San Francisco, we would truly become each other’s only sense of ‘home.’

Now that we’re engaged, living together for the first time and spending our weekends at IKEA, we feel married. I figure that if we can survive 365 days of traveling together, it’s a good test of our long-term commitment. We’ve merged our financial accounts and our social schedules. And most importantly, we’ve booked a wedding date for next June.

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Lisa Dazols is a licensed clinical social worker who is in her tenth year in HIV services. She and her partner Jenni traveled all over the world meeting the LGBT community for their OutandAround blog project, which is now being made into a documentary.

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