Dear 15-year-old me: It got better

Robyn Harper headshotBY ROBYN HARPER
Huffington Post Gay Voices

Yesterday was a tough day for you. That time you spent in the bathroom will forever remain in your memory.

You made your admission to yourself. It was in your head before, but yesterday felt like your first real recognition of it. You held onto that sink so tightly as you leaned over it. You faced yourself in the mirror that hung above it. The sink held you up as your knees weakened. Your grip got tighter, your stare more intense. You felt like you were looking into your heart, your soul. You stared for what like felt like hours but was only seconds. You hardly blinked. Then the tears came. “I am gay.” You sobbed aloud. Your posture slumped as you heard those words over and over in your head. “What are you going to do?” you asked yourself. The sink caught your tears. You weren’t expecting an answer.

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