Minnesota columnist rejects LGBT bullying protection

Katherine Kersten

Minneapolis Star-Tribune columnist Katherine Kersten


Prominent Minneapolis Star-Tribune columnist Katherine Kersten regularly rants against LGBT equality in her columns, but in an article earlier this month promoted today by the National Organization for Marriage,  she set her targets on LGBT young people. Railing against proposed anti-bullying initiatives in Minnesota, Kersten claimed that anti-LGBT bullying is not a concern and that the new policies would discriminate against Christian students.

Kersten doesn’t bother to weigh the consequences of anti-LGBT harassment, such as high school dropout rates, suicidal ideation, negative health symptoms, and decreased academic performance. Instead, she wants to make sure that the students who might parrot their parents’ talking points condemning homosexuality or transgender identities as morally inferior can continue to do so uninterrupted. This is not a pundit nor a position that has students’ best interests in mind.

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