Hate group likens homosexuality to polygamy, incest

Illinois-Family-InstituteBY ZACK FORD

The Illinois Family Institute, a designated hate group, is joining the chorus of conservatives claiming that gays and lesbians already have equality under the law. Unlike the National Organization for Marriage and Family Research Council, IFI is a bit more candid about how exactly it sees this vision of “equality” lumping homosexuals in with polygamists, polyamorists, “minor-attracted person,” and “sibling-lovers.” 

The comparisons IFI’s Laurie Higgins provides are offensive and inaccurate. Polygamists and polyamorists who are open to multiple simultaneous relationships are not acting on behalf of an innate sexual orientation. A high school teacher in a romantic relationship with a student is violating that student’s consent and compromising the learning environment. Laws against incest protect young people from rape, child molestation and abusive incest as well as the genetic consequences of inbreeding. Though homosexuality has historically shared a reputation with these other forms of relationships for being taboo, modern understandings of sexuality negate the ongoing juxtaposition. Of course, IFI refuses to acknowledge the innate nature of sexual orientation or the lived experiences of gays and lesbians.

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