LGBT community responds to Obama inauguration

Flag and US Capitol

Photo: Maria Belen Perez Gabilondo/AFP/Getty Images

Huffington Post Gay Voices

During the Inauguration, Meghan Stabler, a transwoman and a member of the Board of Directors for the Human Rights Campaign, was standing on the northwest side of the Capitol steps with a bunch of gay and lesbian people. “We were all waiting for the word gay to come up, and then we heard Stonewall and a few of us had tears in our eyes,” Stabler said on Tuesday, her voice breaking up again recalling the moment. “Then we heard gay,” she added, “and we just lost it.”

“Biden flashed that big smile of his and said, ‘It’s the civil rights issue of my day. I won’t stand by,'” Stratton Pollitzer, who works with a gay rights group in Florida, recounted. He summed up the feeling that many gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Americans have expressed since President Obama’s groundbreaking inaugural address: “This is just a moment of pure euphoria.”

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