Lesbian summer reading list 2012

Kathy Belge's 2012 lesbian summer reading listBY KATHY BELGE
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Normally when I compile my list of lesbian summer books, there’s a lot of lesbian fiction, mystery and romance novels on the list. Just like reality TV is really big now, memoir and true stories are also very popular. That’s why this year’s 2012 lesbian summer reading list has more memoir/biography than any other genre. What are you reading this summer? Any good books to recommend and add to this list?

1. “Are You My Mother: A Comic Drama” by Alison Bechdel
Alison Bechdel’s last book, “Fun Home,” chronicled her relationship with her closeted gay father. It only makes sense then, that her latest graphic memoir, would take on her relationship with her mother. Bechedel is beloved by many as the author and artist who for years created the lesbian comic series “Dykes to Watch Out For.” Despite the graphic drawings, “Are You My Mother?” is not a light read. In fact, it’s quite an intellectual as well as artistic feat, citing, among others Virginia Woolf and on the psychologist Donald Winnicott. For those looking to delve into something with a bit of depth, “Are You My Mother?” is just the book for you.

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