Lesbian intelligence: live your best lesbian life

Mary Gorham Malia wants you to live your best lesbian lifeBY MARY GORHAM MALIA
Huffington Post Gay Voices

Over the last few months I’ve been on a quest to find lesbians whose lives and achievements are role models for other lesbians. To me, a role model is someone who has mastered some part of living and being, working, creating and doing. She is someone who inspires me to live a better life. A role model can help me collapse the time it takes to learn and grow my own skills in the same arena or perhaps shift a mindset that I didn’t realize was blocking my progress. They know the secrets of success in their chosen arena.

I searched for women who would share their stories with me and let me give their wisdom free to other lesbians through the vehicle of a tele-summit. I wanted to know how they made their business succeed. How did they deal with depression or grief? Who were their role models and why? I wanted to know what kind of spiritual practices they used to stay strong and focused. How did they accomplish their goals? I wanted to know about their passion for what they did and how they started on their paths. I wanted to know the big life lesson they had learned so far and how it influenced them daily still.

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