Library: ‘Risking Everything – Coming Out in Coffee Land’

A lesbian coming out story in

If you read “Eat, Pray, Love” and thought, “Gee, that was great. The only thing that would have made it better was if the lead character were a lesbian,” then add Elizabeth Worley’s “Risking Everything: Coming Out in Coffee Land” to your required reading list.

“Risking Everything” is the story of a southern woman who, by traditional standards, has it all—husband, children, career, friends and a BMW convertible—yet inexplicably hops a jet to Europe alone on her 50th birthday. Her travels take her through the capitals, cathedrals and back roads of Italy, Spain, Romania and Wales ultimately landing her in the rain forest jungle of Panama. This final destination is where she loses everything, only to find herself.

Worley’s novel is a true lesbian coming out tale set against the backdrop of Boquete, Panama, the land of flowers and rainbows and has been called “an adventure filled with joy, pain, laughter and courage.” This 2011 Non-fiction Global e-Book Award winner is a compelling read and a necessary addition to your lesbian reading list.

To purchase “Risking Everything: Coming Out in Coffee Land” visit Worley’s site.

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