Lesbian couple wins Maine dream wedding

Couple embracing

Jenna and Caroline, barely able to contain themselves after winning a $100K wedding (Photo courtesy Real Maine Weddings)


Caroline Currie and Jenna Eagleton are the first same-sex couple, let alone lesbian couple, to win a dream wedding from Real Maine Weddings’ third annual contest. The happy couple got the news Sunday at a press conference, where last year’s winners announced it. The votes were based on the public and vendors chosen to partner with the couple’s wedding.

The $100,000 dream wedding planning will be documented from start to finish, and the public will be able to choose everything from the dresses and tuxedos to the menu and cake. Caroline and Jenna get to choose their three favourite things in each category (food, wedding bands etc.) and the public will choose from there. Real Maine Weddings will be doing a 24 page feature on the couple in January, when the contest begins for next year

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