Latitude 41n’s Kathy Brown Hits the Spot

Latitude 41n ClevelandBY HEATHER CASSELL
Girls That Roam

If you happen to be in Cleveland, Ohio, and are looking for a casual place with a friendly atmosphere and good food, look no further than Latitude 41n.

Located in the avant garde Detroit Shoreway Neighborhood, one of many of Cleveland’s neighborhoods that are being reinvented, Latitude 41n (5712 Detroit Avenue; 216-961-0000; is popular among its residents and Clevelanders who venture to the neighborhood to check out the art studios, community theaters and trendy night spots and restaurants.

“It’s just a good area to be in,” says Kathy Brown, proprietor of Latitude 41n, about the hipster neighborhood. “It brings a lot of people down [to the neighborhood].” More >

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