LGBT travelers spend more on vacations

Lesbians on vacationBY ERIN HIGGINS

According to a presentation at this year’s Gay Tourism Expo held in Bergamo, Italy, gay tourism rakes in 2.5 billion Euros — that’s nearly 3.4 billion United States dollars — per year. The study was conducted by GfK Eurisko, one of the world’s largest market research companies.

GfK Eurisko’s research indicates that 44 percent of LGBT tourists have a diploma, while 37 percent have a degree. 17 percent are freelancers, while the average adult population of freelancers is only three percent. 12 percent are reported to be managers. LGBT tourists thus have a higher income than those within the total adult population: 42 percent have a salary of 1500 to 3000 Euros per month, or $2000 to $4000, compared to 28 percent of Italy’s whole adult population.


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