Hyatt hotel tracking practices subject of complaint

Andaz Hyatt Hotel in West Hollywood

Andaz Hyatt Hotel in West Hollywood


Imagine your boss using an app to track your every move while on the job, and then imagine if the avatar chosen to represent you in that app was a dog. Sounds a little creepy and degrading, doesn’t it?

That’s exactly what the Hyatt Andaz Hotel in West Hollywood is accused of in a new compliant filed against the hotel giant. According to the complaint, Hyatt Andaz has illegally implemented a new electronic tracking system that monitors the productivity of its housekeepers. The system consists of a tracking software managed on iPods each of the housekeepers use. It tells the housekeepers exactly which rooms to clean and when. It requires the housekeepers clock when they enter and exit each guest room and is designed to monitor productivity of the workers.


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