The Dinah gets bigger and better than ever

The Dinah

Pool party at the Dinah, 2012 (Via


I’m sure you’ve heard of Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend, the biggest lesbian event in the world, a five-day party (April 3-7) characterized by dancing, pool parties and flowing spirits. You’ve likely heard of the entertainment they bring each year, from Katy Perry, to Lady Gaga to Ke$ha, the comedy they attract, from Wanda Sykes to Fortune Feimster, the celebrities that come, from actresses from “The L Word” to celesbians from “The Real L Word” like Lauren Bedford Russell and Kiyomi McCloskey, and you may have heard of the competitions they have hosted, from Rock Band challenges, to Celesbian Dodgeball to the Battle of the Web Series. We’re going to let you know about the side of The Dinah that you haven’t heard about, what’s new this year and why Palm Springs is the perfect place to host The Dinah.

The Dinah is comprised of a diverse mix of women who love women. The average age is about 34-years-old, but you will also see 21-year-olds, as well as 70-year-olds. The Dinah Shore weekend expands beyond The Dinah events. Once a year, during The Dinah, lesbians take over the whole town. More lesbians are buying property in Palm Springs, and if they’re going to visit, it’s going to be during The Dinah Shore weekend. They may not go to The Dinah events, but they come to Palm Springs to be surrounded by out and proud women. Year-round Palm Springs is a great LGBT destination, but during The Dinah it becomes the biggest lesbian destination.

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