Sweet dreams in the Mediterranean

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So this is part review, part travel journal, and part introduction. I am Butch Jaxon, intrepid entertainment lawyer by day, by night, lesbian blogger, lover of bow ties, breasts, movies, music (all kinds), bookstores, dogs, geocaching, Polar Bears, the gym, travel, craft beer, and my gorgeous fiancé. I write a tiny little blog over at ButchOnTap.com and I recently took a cruise to the Mediterranean with Sweet travel. Never one to be at a loss for words, I am happy to share with all of you what I thought of the cruise and, more importantly to those of you reading this, what I thought of Sweet.

Note: You are most likely a sharp lesbian and hip to current news and whatnot. As such, you know that one of Sweet’s co-founders, Shannon Wentworth is also one of the founders of www.lesbian.com where you are reading this. I am sure it will be no surprise to you that I have very good things to say about Sweet. You know what they say. If you have nothing nice to say, whisper …but I digress. You don’t know me so read my review and then you can decide how biased I am or not (not). By the way, I paid all official-like for our cruise and met the Sweet staff for the first time on board.

1. Sweet & Sour: The Cruise

The cruise we chose sailed from Barcelona, Spain, spent a day at sea, and then docked a day in each of the following ports and returned to Barca (as the locals call it) seven days later: Naples (for Pompeii), Civitavecchia (for Rome), Florence, Cannes, and Marseilles. First, a note about “cruising.” No, not that kind, what are we gay? I am told, like opera, people either love it or hate it. I loved it (as I do opera), so I guess that makes me a cruiser (again, not that kind). You board, unpack, do fun stuff, eat, drink, dance, go to sleep, and wake up in a new city. Seriously, that’s cool. No driving, trains, or stress in transit. This is a great way to go. If you’ve never tried it, do it! If you love it, send me a thank you thought; if not, well, never mind.

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ButchOnTap is written by Butch Jaxon, a fledgling writer who has been a lesbian her whole life. Butch was raised in San Diego and is an accomplished lawyer. She loves to write, play any kind of sport or game, consume any kind of entertainment, and is frequently found drinking lattes in a bookstore or discovering new beers at local micro-breweries.

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