Top 10 must-have travel gear

Having the right gear is essential for successful travelBY LISA DAZOLS

Jenni and I don’t have any of our wedding plans set yet, but there is one thing we both agree on: we’re registering at REI. We’re both gear geeks who believe that less is more, especially when traveling. That being said, we do have ten absolutes for our backpack that we wouldn’t travel without for a long term trip. You can check out our full packing list with a video here.

*** Disclosure: We don’t receive any endorsements for these companies (though we wish we did), so you can trust that we just really love this stuff ***

(10)  Quick-dry Everything: As you can probably tell from our photos, we’ve chosen practicality over fashion. A friend who works for Brooks mailed us quick-dry t-shirts that we wear all the time. We also have quick-dry shorts and underwear (highly recommend these ones from Ex Officio). One of the biggest mistakes I made was to pack cotton t-shirts. They get moldy in humid weather, and when you sweat they stink like nobody’s business.


Lisa Dazols is a licensed clinical social worker who is in her tenth year in HIV services. She and her partner Jenni traveled all over the world meeting the LGBT community for their OutandAround blog project, which is now being made into a documentary.

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