My year as a man

Lisa Dazols from Out and Around dot comBY LISA DAZOLS

Ever wonder what it’s like to live as the other gender? No, I am not announcing my upcoming plans to transition. But traveling through countries where gender is a very binary concept, people tend to automatically label me as a man.

The misconception of my identity has been most evident in South America where daily greetings are dictated by gender. Upon meeting someone, women kiss other people on the cheek. But when a man meets another man, a firm handshake replaces a kiss. Numerous times I’ve been offered a handshake by a man only to have to pull him and respond with a kiss on the cheek instead.


Lisa Dazols is a licensed clinical social worker who is in her tenth year in HIV services. She and her partner Jenni traveled all over the world meeting the LGBT community for their OutandAround blog project, which is now being made into a documentary.

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