Sweet traveler hosts caption contest

In an era when great customer service is an anomaly and consumers strike back by creating “Your Company Sucks” Facebook pages or ranting on Yelp, examples of extreme patron loyalty are hard to find. But don’t tell that to the Sweet customer who recently launched a caption contest to encourage others to vacation with her favorite travel company.

“Traveling with Sweet has been a life-changing, inspiring experience for me,” said Candy Parker who enjoyed her first Sweet vacation eight months ago in Isla Mujeres, Mexico, and has since scheduled five more. “I want others to be able to see what Sweet is about so I decided to put my money where my mouth is and provide a little incentive.”

Parker created a Facebook event — “Candy’s Super Sweet Photo Caption Contest” — in which she committed to award three prizes, each of which will help the lucky winner defray the cost of a trip to Hard Rock Vallarta with Sweet in April 2013. Prizes valued at $350, $225 and $100 will be awarded to the caption contest winners.

“I rave about Sweet is all the time,” Parker said. “I’m hoping that by my sponsoring this contest, people will take notice. I mean, who does something like this for a company unless you truly believe in them and what they’re about?”

Sweet offers eco-friendly vacations with numerous meaningful community service opportunities for its travelers, or Sweeties, as they prefer to be called. The company strives to make world-class travel accessible to all lesbians and offers 12- and 18-month interest-free payment plans for most of its trips.

Through her caption contest, Parker will make the initial down payment for three lucky contest winners, the first and final payment for one winner, and the final payment for yet another winner.

“It’s a win-win-win in my book,” quipped Parker. “Sweet wins, the contest winners win, and I win by knowing that I’ll have three more new friends in Vallarta next April.”

Enter Candy’s Super Sweet Photo Caption Contest

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