New Zealand road trip: The ultimate lesbian honeymoon

Shoreline along road in New ZealandBY NIKKI DANGER

The party is over. Friends and family danced, drank and rejoiced. Your love is legit. Now it’s time for our favorite part of marriage: the honeymoon. Pack your gay hiking boots, cue up the wedding playlist, and get a dog sitter – it’s time for a New Zealand road trip.

You may have heard rumors about this magical island paradise on the other side of the world, and they’re all true. New Zealand is an adventurer’s dream. They brought bungee jumping to the masses in the late 80s followed by Zorbing in the go-go 90s. White water rafting, kayaking and even blackwater cave rafting woo travelers yearly. Mountains, fjords, glaciers, sandy beaches, volcanic mud pots, and vineyards serve as the backdrop to adventures. When you’re planning the most memorable gaycay of your known existence, New Zealand will let you amaze your new spouse with your adventurous spirit and romance her over this year’s crop of Syrahs.


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