How To Survive The Challenges Of A Long-Distance Relationship

Lesbian coupleRelationships require hard work but prepare to work even harder if in a long-distance bond. The idea of loving someone without connecting physically sounds daunting. While you may feel good about the freedom and space it entails, missing your partner can be painful. Not surprisingly, the closest partners drift apart eventually. But you shouldn’t go with the statistics because genuine efforts, true love, and relentless commitment can make the relationship work despite the distance. Here are some therapist-backed recommendations to survive the challenges of a long-distance relationship.

Prioritize healthy communication
Thriving despite the distance requires a healthy dose of communication. The good thing is that you have endless options to connect, no matter where you and your soulmate are. Conversely, going overboard with communication can cause more harm than good. Share your life but give each other adequate breathing space to maintain comfort. Discuss the frequency and timelines for communication to be on the same page.

Avoid judging each other
It is easy to judge a romantic partner when you are apart most times. What if some guy seems interested in your soulmate when you are in an all-girls relationship? You will probably feel suspicious if they seem to be engaged in social media banter. Steer clear of being judgmental and ask upfront. Maybe, he is only an old college friend trying to have fun. Trust your partner and breathe easy.

Double up on intimacy
The lack of physical intimacy is the most daunting part of a long-distance relationship. You cannot meet each other for weeks or months, and the longing can easily change into frustration. Find ways to double up on intimacy. You can indulge in steamy phone calls and even send kinky gifts to each other. A real whizzinator XXX is an excellent gift, but make sure you buy one for yourself too. You can play with it on a phone call for the most sensuous lovemaking session.

Meet each other once in a while
Being intimate on phone calls keeps the spark flying, but you must fuel the fire once in a while. Commit to meeting in person at regular intervals, depending on the distance and feasibility. If you are in a cross-continental relationship, consider holidaying somewhere midway. Choose a romantic destination to have the best time together. Shed your inhibitions, and make up for the lost time when you have a chance to hook up physically.

Deal with negative emotions
Long-distance relationships often face roadblocks with negative emotions like doubts, insecurities, and jealousy. The last thing you should do is sweep them under the rug. Giving verbal assurances to each other is the best way to minimize these negative feelings. Moreover, they reinforce the positives of your bond and bring you close. The next time you talk to them, be vocal and say how special they are to you. Maintain it as a daily habit to be in a healthy space.
Making a relationship bloom is easy, regardless of the distance. You only need to take a positive approach and be grateful for the bond you share.

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