How much worldwide philanthropy goes to LGBT causes?

rainbow dollar sign in the skyBY ERIN HIGGINS

A June study conducted by the Foundation Center and the International Human Rights Funders Group (IHRFG) concluded that six percent of worldwide philanthropy in 2010 went to LGBT people and organizations.  Six percent may sound slight. But to the contrary, six percent of the $1.2 billion collected worldwide is $72.6 million.

“The landscape of human rights funding is exceedingly complex, but initiatives like this bring into sharp relief just how vibrant and diverse the field is,” said Michael Hirschhorn, executive director of IHRFG. “The lasting value of this research—the thing that will take us beyond ‘painting landscapes’ to propelling greater engagement—comes when grant makers are moved to contribute data, provide feedback, share findings with peers, and use this information in support of their work.”


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