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The number of queer remote workers, freelancers and entrepreneurs is on the rise: QueerHustle welcomes a community of LGBTQ+ women who want to live differently.

QueerHustle brings together LGBTQ women who are involved in personal and professional projects, fostering an inclusive and supportive community with an emphasis on visible leadership.

Inaugural event in LA on November 10-11 at Phase Two Space, Culver City, California. TICKETS.

Founder Beck Power says events like these are long overdue. “We created to bring like minded people together – some of the people who are attending have said they’ve literally never met another queer entrepreneur. We have people flying in from all over the US, and internationally, even as far as Africa.

While there are some really incredible events for the queer community, few of them encourage entrepreneurship and living life outside social norms. Working remotely from another country? Starting your own business? Going on a quest to visit every country in the world? Creating a non-profit? We aim to create more visibility for queer women globally, in multiple industries and to instill a sense of unstoppable confidence for our attendees.”

Los Angeles, California: QueerHustle’s first event, “QueerHustle Los Angeles” will take place in Culver City at Phase Two Space on 10/11 November 2018. The conference structure includes networking, breakout sessions on multiple topics, panels on social issues and visibility and a mixer to kick the event off on the 9th November in West Hollywood.

QueerHustle events will provide our community with valuable technical skills and advice they can use to make better business decisions, connect with other entrepreneurs, and accomplish their personal and professional goals. Topics include:

-How to find more clients as a freelancer and business owner

-How to use your personality in your business to grow your customer base

-A panel on creative ways we can utilize our talents to help lift the LGBTQ+ community

Jen Caul, a successful freelancer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, just got her ticket. “I’m looking to take things to the next level and build a scalable business around digital marketing for small businesses. As a gay woman, I’m so excited for the QueerHustle event, because the one thing that’s missing in my current journey is a community of like minded women.”

QueerHustle is planning to offer these events across the United States and worldwide, to create a global community of LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs and professionals. The company will also offer educational content online, as well as introduce international retreats in 2019.

Tickets to the inaugural LA event are currently for sale at

About QueerHustle is the first and currently only entrepreneurship events company for queer women. We’re excited to be a visible example in the community and to help bring inspiration to queer women who want to change the world. Press contact info: Beck Power.

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