Backfired: Anti-gay boycotts may actually boost revenue

Piles of moneyBY ADAM L BRINKLOW

Curious things happen when anti-gay groups like FRC and NOM try to boycott companies: The targets of the boycott end up making copious amounts of money. 

Some prime examples: In January 2012, NOM called for a boycott of Starbucks. The company’s share price the day the boycott started: $54. Today: $75. Starbucks’ most recent earnings report indicates $3.7 billion in revenues up from $3.2 billion before the boycott. The American Family Association spent more than three years boycotting Home Depot. During that period, Home Depot’s share price increased from $27 to $74. The AFA spent three months boycotting McDonald’s in 2008. McDonald’s reported a seven percent increase in sales that quarter.


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