Shifting gears into self-employment

People clockwatching

No more of this!


We all know there is a high rate of failure for new businesses. The number one reason for this is that businesses simply run out of cash on their way toward making the venture a success. The cash flow/cash reserve empties before they have had enough time to test, tweak, and get enough momentum to be profitable. Of course, some business ideas are destined to fail or have a very short-lived “just a fad” lifespan (think pet rocks) but that’s not what we’re talking about here.

I believe taking the leap to self-employment requires some thoughtful planning, self-reflection, and communication with your partner. It can be very hard to know what it takes to be successful over the long haul until you’re actually IN it. That is why I created a handy self-assessment for you to use as they take the leap to assess your readiness.


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