Gershon hard-‘Bound’ in new book release

Gina Gershon In_Search_of_Cleo book coverBY LESBIAN.COM

Hollywood star Gina Gershon may be best known for her sexy roles in “Showgirls” and “Bound,” but deep down she is a self-described cat-lady. Her quirky new book, “In Search of Cleo: How I Found My Pussy and Lost My Mind” (Gotham Books), follows Gina’s desperate hunt through the back alleys of Los Angeles for her beloved lost cat, Cleo.

On her quest she meets several quirky and outrageous characters who help or hinder her search in different ways, including Ellen DeGeneres’ pet psychic, a mysterious fortune teller, a Santeria priest, and a convict who calls her collect from prison: all with precious details getting her steps closer to finding Cleo.

Throughout her trials and tribulations in search of Cleo, Gina relates stories of the many cats (and other pets) she has owned throughout her life and how they are analogous to her romantic relationships and ongoing search for true love.

“In Search of Cleo” is a charming and funny memoir for any cat lover or Gina Gershon fan and on sale Oct. 15.

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