Romy Madley Croft is the beating gay heart of the xx

Romy Madley Croft of The XXBY TRISH BENDIX

Let’s be real here: I knew Romy Madley Croft played for our team when I first saw her. I try not to be stereotypical when it comes to who looks like they are a little queer (hipsters and Europeans screw that up for me constantly), but I was born with a significant amount of gaydar that generally doesn’t steer me too far off course. In case you’re not on a first name basis with Ms. Madley Croft, she’s the frontwoman of British trio the xx, who have gone from indie darlings to must-see mainstream in the last few years. They’re one of those acts that you know it’s an xx song when you hear it. They’ve got such a specific style, Romy’s voice so identifiable, that their success isn’t really a surprise, at least not to fans.

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