Equality California names new executive director

John O'ConnorBY DOT429

Equality California and its Board of Directors announced that John O’Connor, a seasoned nonprofit executive with deep ties in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, will serve as the new executive director of Equality California and Equality California Institute. O’Connor began his tenure on December 3.

“I am honored to lead Equality California forward as the statewide voice on LGBT equality. The message will be that we are for full equality and nothing less,” said O’Connor, who previously served as the executive director of the LGBT Community Center of the Desert. “That means enacting, implementing and enforcing legislation that expands the protections and freedoms afforded to LGBT Californians, supporting and electing pro-LGBT legislators, and winning the hearts and minds of Californians through effective education. I won’t just be speaking — I’ll be listening too, to our coalition partners, to the needs of LGBT Californians, and to everyone involved in building a state of equality.”

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