Friendship to romance: Crossing the line

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It’s not unusual for friendships to develop into romances. But if you find yourself developing more than platonic feelings toward a long-time friend, it’s a risky venture. Show your hand and you could lose not just any hope of a dating relationship, but the friendship as well.

So how to navigate these feelings? First off, there’s nothing wrong with loving one of the people closest to you. In fact, we’ve seen many scenarios where best friends became lovers for life. But moving from friends to partners has many variables — let’s talk it through.

First, consider why you now see your best friend in a new light. Is there mutual undeniable chemistry? Have his/her compliments come across as flirtatious? Are you noticing more physical closeness when just having a genuine chat on casual afternoons? These could be little signs that you’ve fallen for you friend. Whatever you do, don’t wait until you’ve had a couple (too many) martinis to make your first move. Though you may know your friend quite well, be sure that (s)he possibly has mutual feelings for you, especially since there’s so much at risk in this situation.

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