Lez get married: Style guide

Lesbian wedding fashionBY NATASIA LANGFELDER

So you want to get married to another girl. Congratulations!

Now that the feds legally recognize marriage between same-sex partners and states are slowly but surely getting on board, it’s a great time to finally get hitched to the woman or boi of your dreams. Let’s start with the most fun part, the clothes.

Finding a wedding outfit for a masculine of center ladyqueer can be really hard. It’s not for the faint of heart, but neither is marriage. There are a few different routes you can go.

The first is to get a bespoke suit made, which is super expensive, but worth it if you know you will get a lot of wear out of it. If you are going to get a suit made, go do your research. Learn about the fabrics, shape and cut you want. Find a queer friendly tailor. Either ask your queer friends where they got theirs or post on a few Facebook groups and ask for recommendations.

If you’ve learned anything from reading Lesbian.com, it’s that gays love helping other gays and driving business to ally-owned businesses.

The next option is to get a man’s suit or tuxedo tailored to your body. Many starry-eyed queers just grab a man’s suit and don’t make any alterations to it. This is a big mistake. Off the rack clothing is never going to fit anyone (except the size model) perfectly. Your body isn’t mass produced. It’s unique.

The last option I’m going to suggest, is to actually find a woman’s suit and tailor it. You knew that was coming. You can either find a whole suit or mix and match a black jacket and pants.

A white suit is also really popular. The only trick here is to be careful with the mix and match. You don’t want to mix two different whites or a white and an ecru. That would be a disaster.

Pro tips to keep in mind so you don’t drive yourself (and the soon-to-be missus crazy)
• No one’s body is a perfect fit for off-the-rack clothing.
• Be patient and be kind to yourself.
• If you are marrying a femme, remember that your outfit is just as important as her dress.
• Wear the undergarments you plan to wear on the big day to all your fittings.
• Don’t be afraid to ask for help, ask your queer friends if they have a tailor or have recommendations for queer-friendly vendors.
• Wear something that you feel super sexy in that is also comfortable enough to wear for hours.

So you’re femme and you’re getting married, but you don’t want to be a traditional bride because screw tradition. You’re queer, fabulous and completely in love.

Let’s address some fun choices that aren’t exactly traditional.

Gwen Stefani wedding dressPink: Ever since Kaley Cuoco got married in a bright pink dress women have been debating over whether or not pink is appropriate for a wedding. If you like pink and it looks better on you than white or cream, go for it. Go all over pink or go for an ombre look like Gwen Stefani did at her wedding in 2002.

Rockabilly: 50s hairstyles and swooping winged cat-eyes look great on everyone as does the classic hourglass silhouettes from this time period.

Black: Black is a girl’s best friend. It’s slimming and dramatic. If you don’t want to go full black then consider adding black accents, such as lace or a sash.

J. Crew wedding romperRomper: J. Crew introduced a romper into their wedding line and everyone freaked out.

If you have a playful side, a romper is the perfect outfit for a beachy or woodsy wedding.

Boho: Whether you go with a long flowing boho dress or a mini, bohemian styles can help make your day feel less formal and stuffy while still allowing you to feel gorg.

high low wedding dressHi-Lo: The high-low hem trends has made it all the way to wedding attire. It’s fun and trendy.

You might have some regret when you look back on it 40 years from now, but you’ll always remember how great your gams were back in the day.

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