Top 5 reasons relationships end

The top five reasons relationships endBY MEGHANN NOVINSKIE AND KIM ROSENBERG
Washington Blade

No matter how fulfilling, open and supportive relationships in our adult lives can be, they sometimes fall apart as if there was never true love in the first place. Sad as it may be, for some, it’s inevitable. Circumstances may change while you and your partner date, especially if a good bit of time has elapsed since you courted each other. Issues will arise in any relationship, regardless of the strength of the connection. How you deal with the issues is what will hold the relationship together. We’ve listed the top five issues that we’ve seen break relationships throughout our years of work in the dating industry—hope to shed some light on how to effectively avoid and/or overcome them.

Stubbornness or unwillingness to compromise. Speaking from both personal and professional experience, stubbornness is a quality that can easily cause rifts in relationships, and is actually also quite common. Relationships are all about understanding and compromise. Think about this first from your own perspective. Would you date you? Would you stand for the demands you make? If the answer is no to either of these questions, you should rethink what you’re asking of your partner. Consider the idea that a relationship is a partnership—it’s about two people, not one.

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