How picky is too picky?

Can you be too picky when it comes to dating?BY MEGHANN NOVINSKIE AND KIM ROSENBERG
Washington Blade

Most single people have a mental list of desired qualities for their future partner. This is completely normal—however, we’ve noticed that some are rather particular.

We tell clients to be prepared before meeting us that we will need to know their “must haves” and “never wants”—mature daters should be certain in knowing what characteristics and qualities will mesh well with their lifestyles before deciding to be proactive in dating. But unfortunately, there’s a threshold that we feel it necessary for singles to understand. We don’t mean for anyone to be totally open to dating anyone, anywhere. However, relationships require a lot of compromise, so let’s dispel the myth of being “too picky” for your own good.

Being considered “too picky” has a negative connotation, though most mature single individuals have had relationship experience which tends to help us mature and give us a clearer sense of what we want in a partner. It can help you define your non-negotiable issues. It’s a good idea to make a list of the qualities you’re looking for and stick to it and can include things that turn you on both mentally and emotionally. You want to find someone who makes you feel like your “best you.” The more significant relationships you’ve been in, the more detailed your list will become.

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