Christian camp counselor fired after pro-equality blog

Equality for all poster

Sharing a sentiment like this may be why Nash lost her job.


After a recent Macklemore concert in South Dakota on Friday, attendee Dannika Nash took to her blog to speak on behalf of a new generation of pro same-sex equality Christians. Since writing the post, Nash has been fired from her Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA) summer camp counselor position.

Nash highlighted Macklemore’s song “Same Love,” which is about stereotypes against the LGBT community and how being LGBT shouldn’t matter. “Before the song, Macklemore spoke really simple words along the lines of: ‘Hey, you can all have your own opinions on how we treat gay people in this country, but this is mine.’” Nash writes. “And I held my breath in anticipation of some kind of uproar or walk-out…but the crowd cheered louder than they had yet. In our red state, in our conservative little city, the 5,000 young people in that arena wanted to hear about marriage equality.”


Read Dannika’s original blog post here.

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