Advice: A rocky relationship?

Stressed out womanBY MICHAEL RADKOWSKY
Washington Blade

Dear Michael,

I’m hitting a major bump in the road with my girlfriend. We met almost a year ago and our relationship was fantastic until a few weeks ago. Suddenly things have shifted.

My job has become stressful over the last few months and I find it helpful to talk with Sharon about what’s going on. She’s a great listener, sometimes has good ideas for how to deal with the craziness, and when she tells me that everything will be OK, I feel much calmer. But lately she is curt with me when I want to talk to her about this stuff. I feel like I’m getting on her nerves so am not pressing too much. Also, while I’m happy to listen to her problems, she never wants to share them, which makes me feel shut out.

I’m getting annoyed. She isn’t there to soothe me when I need her and she won’t let me take care of her, either. Aren’t I right that in a relationship, you’re supposed to be a rock for each other?

Looking for Soothing

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