Advice: My relationships never last

Young lesbian coupleBY DR. FRANKIE BASHAN

Dear Dr. Frankie,

One thing that I consistently see in the lesbian world is short lived relationships. I come from a world where my parents have been together for 52 years, have friends and siblings who have been together for 20 plus years, and really value lifelong commitments. My beef is that it seems that those are few and far in between in our community and would like to know why that is the case. Also, it would be interesting to learn how we as a community could do a better job of having said lifelong commitments.

Underwhelmed by Romance

Dear Underwhelmed,

I hear and agree with your frustrations. This is obviously a complex question with a more complex answer. Relationship failure is not unique to the gay community as heterosexual divorce rate is also climbing. Here are my thoughts on the subject in no particular order.

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