2016 Holiday Gift Guide


Happy Holigays! 2016 has been a rough year, but the holidays are the time to reflect back on the good and appreciate your loved ones. Here are some of our picks to show your loved ones you

SONY DSC- Image via Pintrest

SONY DSC- Image via Pintrest

care this holiday season!

Make a Donation in a Loved One’s Name

It’s not a surprise, but with the upcoming administration, a lot of funding to important social and environmental programs will be cut.  Many people are making donations to the ACLU and Planned Parenthood in preparation for this. These are both great places to donate too. Also, consider the person you are giving this gift too. Do they love animals? Would the ASPCA be a good place for you to donate? Is their favorite cause hunger in America? Or giving women in third world countries safe access to learn?  Donate, donate, donate. Help make the world a better place.


Support queer artists and writers by giving out books. Not only will it give your friends a good reason to step away from Netflix, it will support LGBT artists. Check out our recommendations here!

A Subscription to Wolfe Video

Are you tired of watching ‘prestige’ television about dramatic straight people? I am so tired of that you guys. If one more person tells me to watch “This is Us” or asks me if I’ve seen “50 Shades of Grey” I’m going to rage puke. Get your friends a subscription to Wolfe Video, a distributor of LGBT entertainment an watch all your favorite queer movies and TV shows. Take a “time out” from #straightpeopleproblems and focus on #queerpeopleproblems!

Comfy and Functional Athleisure 

Hanging out in workout clothes doesn’t mean you have to go workout anymore. Which is why workout clothes are the best gift for both the gym bunnies and the couch potatoes in your life. SeeJaneRun has awesome apparel and workout gear to help your friends and family stick to their New Year’s Resolutions of getting in shape.

Non-Gendered Undies

Get your sexy genderqueer or masculine of center friends TomboyX undies. Choose from all kind of boxers and briefs and get something with some rainbow trim that they can whip out this summer for Pride! Use promo code LESBIAN.COM to save 15 percent when you shop through March 31, 2017.

Are you inspired?! What are you buying your loved ones this year? Anything I left off the list?

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