You want to read lesbian sexpert Jude Schell’s new book

Cover of Jude Schell's newest book, "Her Sweet Spot"BY JILLIAN EUGENOIS

Jude Schell, best-selling author of a modern lesbian kama sutra is back with another little book of big ideas, “Her Sweet Spot: 101 Sexy Ways to Find and Please it.” The book advertises itself as “a promise of sensorial pleasure” and it doesn’t disappoint. With a full-page photo to go with all 101 sexy ways, think of this handbook as an illustrated map with a side of spicy.

The book offers a little something for everyone. So, if whispering “love” at the sky with the object of your affection might not be your thing, there’s always something else. Schell’s given us beautiful photographs of many different women, diverse in their body types, ethnicities, expressions of femininity and tattoos. But butch girls are disappointingly absent from the photos. There are plenty of images of femmes looking hot together, but you’ll need to go elsewhere if (like we do) you’ve got a sweet spot for butches and bois.

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