‘Real-Life Love Stories’: She beat me to the punch!

A special Saturday edition of our February Love Special, Real-Life Love Stories.

Rebecca tells the story of meeting her other half Natalie in a place she never thought she would meet anybody! Oh, yea. This story is going live on their fifth anniversary!

RooNatt BdayWe met at one of the least likely places to find anybody, Natalie’s work. I had been frequenting the dog park across the street and felt strangely drawn to the restaurant. On one of my weekly outings with Holly and Bray (a couple that I would try a new restaurant with every night) I found myself picking Spitfire Grill as the choice for that night. Walking in and seeing Natalie’s beaming face and upbeat attitude, I hoped I was going to get in as much trouble as I felt I might. After eating dinner Holly, Bray and I went to the bar to have another glass of wine and started talking to Natalie.  Both Natalie and I were unsure if the other  had the same attraction but kept talking back and forth until Natalie at one point said point blank, “I’m single and I AM GAY.” After that revelation it was just a matter of time until one of us figured out how to ask the other out. Unfortunately, the night had other plans and Holly and I had to bring Bray home; I could only hope I would see Natalie again. Later, I learned that Natalie had seen us leaving as she was on her way to ask me out. She told Shane (a co-worker), “Well, she knows were I work!”

The next morning I was determined to ask Natalie out; she had told me she started work at 11 AM.  After  plenty of self pep talks, I headed back over to Spitfire in the hopes that Natalie would be there. Everything leading up to that point had been easy… until the anxiety of asking a girl out that I hardly knew — and at her place of business! — set in. I walked through the door and didn’t see Natalie, but saw Shane who had been there the night before. I approached the bar, hands shaking, with no idea whether Natalie was even there or if I was just going to make a fool of myself. Nervously, I ordered a glass of wine and tried to stop the shaking tremors from spilling the right wine out of my hand. After just one sip, I asked Shane if Natalie was around.  He leaned over, looked to my right and kept calling for Natalie.  It took four attempts before he finally yelled, “NATALIE!”RooNatt Kiss

“What do you want Shane?!”

That’s when Natalie realized I was at the bar and the excitement in her face made all my apprehension melt.  It only took Natalie 5 minutes to make sure we were going out the next day. She beat me to the punch!

That was 5 years ago this February 23. This July is our second wedding anniversary. We went on a Sweet vacation for our Honeymoon and had an amazing time. We are working on starting our family and enjoying every step of married bliss! This story is a testament to the fact you can meet “the one” anywhere… because she is THE ONE!!

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