Work/life balance: Why being half of a lesbian couple isn’t easier

The words "work" and "life" balancing on a see sawBY SUSAN HINSON

Earlier this year, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg said there was no such thing as work-life balance — unless you marry another woman. What follows is one half of a lesbian couple’s response.

My partner Raegan and I live with our 3½-year-old daughter in Lower Bucks County, Pennsylvania. I am an elementary and middle school band director, while Raegan is a high school choir director and holds two part-time jobs — one as an associate conductor of the Princeton Girlchoir, the other as a professional singer for The Philadelphia Singers.

For us, reaching a work-life “balance,” if it can be called that, requires no less effort than what we’ve seen in other heterosexual couples we know. After many discussions, Raegan and I seem to have settled on a work-life situation that, for the most part, we both enjoy. Our discussions were and are always about deciding and agreeing on what’s practical, what works, and understanding that that changes from day to day. (If I’m being honest, practicality is where lesbians do have a leg-up on heterosexual couples. We’re nothing if not practical.)

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