Why being single for the holidays is great

A festive holiday single person!

Single for the holidays? Don’t fret enjoy it! (Photo via GimmeSomeOven)


Christmas is a magical time of year. That is unless you’re single, then it’s an freaking fantastic free-for-all filled with a million different versions of the forever creepy “Baby It’s Cold Outside” and being bombarded with the idea that the holiday requires a significant other. NOT TRUE! Truth is, Christmas is one of the most popular times of year to unload that pesky relationship, second only to spring break obvi. Being single around the holidays allows you the luxury of wearing ALL of the shiny, dangly, holiday encrusted outfits, or, stretchy pants. Also, whether you decide to make some questionable life choices at your own work party, or as a wingman to a friend somewhere more discreet, you are fully able to bat your eyes any direction you’d like. Being alone is way better than being in a terrible relationship. Instead of mourning the loss of whatever failed relationship you just got out of, be glad you’re not wasting any more time on the wrong person! Here’s to fresh starts and ringing in the New Year with someone totally worthy of your love: YOU.

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